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The Jaffrey Natural Resources Inventory aims to categorize, catalogue and map the rich natural resources of Jaffrey, NH as a basis for natural resource management and conservation planning. The study was commissioned in 2008 by the Jaffrey Conservation Commission and funded in part by an NH Moose Plate Grant.  The 2005 Wildlife Action Plan information was incorporated into the inventory.  The purpose of the NRI was to develop a strong basis for land conservation planning.

Take a look at the Key Steps to Include Wildlife in...

The Town of Grantham's Grantham's Critical Conservation Lands Index was a fundamental step toward protecting their natural resources. It serves as an inventory of the natural resources in Grantham and provides the basis for their land conservation planning. NH Wildlife Action Plan data and other wildlife information was included in the Critical Conservation Lands Index.

Hebron's Natural Resources Inventory was completed in 2011. The Hebron Conservation Commission plans to use their NRI as the basis for their future land conservation planning. the 2010 Wildlife Action Plan Maps and Wildlife Action Plan information were incorporated into the NRI. Hebron has used the Wildlife Action Plan maps along with other natural resources information for their town in their efforts to prioritize areas for future protection. See below to access the Hebron NRI.  Take a look at the Key Steps to Include Wildlife in Your Natural Resources Inventory.



The Town of Bath, New Hampshire's Natural Resources Inventory, compiled and written by town volunteers and Conservation Commission members in 2012, serves as an inventory of the natural resources in Bath. It will provide a basis for land conservation planning in the future, and uses NH Wildlife Action Plan data and other wildlife information. Read the article about Bath's NRI published in NH Fish and...

"Take a walk along one of Gerry Langdon’s carefully constructed woods roads - through stands of hemlock, past the clearing with the small pond, through well- spaced hardwoods, carefully weeded and thinned - and you almost forget that you’re just minutes from the high- way..." Read more 





"...Helen Evans remembers the visitors who used to turn up at the door of her old farmhouse. They all wanted the same thing. 'I need some acreage,' they’d say, eyeing the fertile pasture and the expanse of oak-pine forest beyond..." Read more.




The Andover Conservation Commission hosted a series of wildlife-themed workshops during the summer of 2013 as a way to Take Action for Wildlife in their town.  Their Bog Pond walk was featured on NHPR.  Click here to hear the story!


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