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A Partnership of UNH Cooperative Extension and NH Fish and Game

Taking Action for Wildlife Team

As a collaborative project, staff from both New Hampshire Fish & Game and UNH Cooperative Extension are available to help communities and landowners Take Action for Wildlife.

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Contact Information


Haley Andreozzi
Wildlife Outreach Coordinator
UNH Cooperative Extension
(603) 862-5327 haley.andreozzi@unh.edu

Wildlife Outreach & Volunteers, including Coverts Project & Speaking for Wildlife

Emma Tutein
Field Specialist, Natural Resources and Land Conservation
UNH Cooperative Extension
Rockingham County
(603) 679-5616
Land Conservation, Stewardship of Conserved Lands, Habitat Management
Emily Preston
Wildlife Biologist
NH Fish and Game Department
(603) 271-2461
Regional Planning, Wildlife Species Information, Habitat Maps, Climate Change
Barbara Richter, NHACC
Barbara Richter
Executive Director
NH Association of Conservation Commissions
(603) 224-7867
Assistance for communities working to protect local natural resources
Wendy Scribner
Field Specialist, Natural Resources
UNH Cooperative Extension
Carroll County
(603) 447-3834
Combining wildlife and forest management
Amanda Stone
Extension Specialist, Natural Resources and Land Conservation
UNH Cooperative Extension
(603) 862-1067
Conservation Assistance for Communities and Conservation Groups