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Natural Resource Inventories

Town and Community Forests Study Revisits an Overlooked and Underused Resource

--- Karen Bennett, Extension Forester, with contributions by Andy Fast, Alicia Carlson and John Gunn (UNH Cooperative Extension)
Winter 2019 Taking Action for Wildlife Newsletter

Town-owned conservation lands are for people—places to come together and build community, learn about the stewardship of the natural world, and recreate alone or in groups. Town lands protect valuable natural resources—water and wildlife habitat. They can bring income to the town.


Got Wildlife?

Can you help us figure out how to incorporate wildlife information into our Master Plan Update? What steps should we take to include wildlife in our Natural Resources Inventory? How can we educate our residents about the value of wildlife and habitats? The Taking Action for Wildlife team has been hard at work helping communities answer these questions and use data and maps from the updated 2015 Wildlife Action Plan. Since January, we have assisted 10 communities across New Hampshire.


Campton - 2016 Natural Resources Inventory

When Campton decided to update their Natural Resources Inventory in 2014 - their previous NRI dated back to 2005 - they decided to work on it as a volunteer project, sharing the tasks among conservation commission members. They also had the assistance of a local volunteer with GIS skills to create the natural resources maps. View the Campton Natural Resources Inventory



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