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Making Habitat Happen

Why is habitat management important?  Some habitats require disturbances to maintain their unique characteristics. Sometimes these disturbances occur naturally, but sometimes we can manage habitat to mimic natural disturbances in places where disturbance has been eliminated or diminished. Habitat management can restore habitats and wildlife in decline.

What can landowners and communities do? First, realize that every property is different.  The recommendations on this site provide a good, basic understanding of the work involved in managing a variety of habitat types, but before you begin work on your property, consult your UNH Cooperative Extension County Forester or Wildlife Specialist.

How will we help you? Your County Forester or Wildlife Specialist can provide one-on-one site visits to your property to help you plan and execute wildlife habitat management projects on your property. There is also financial assistance available to landowners to help cover the cost of management.

What type of habitat will you manage?