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A Partnership of UNH Cooperative Extension and NH Fish and Game

Obtain and Review Wildlife Maps

1. How to Obtain the Wildlife Maps

For each community in the state, there are two wildlife maps available: 

  • TheWildlife Habitats Land Cover Map shows the critical wildlife habitat types, identified in the NH Wildlife Action Plan, in your community.
  • The Highest Ranked Habitats Map shows the highest ranked habitats in the state (pink), in the region (green) and the supporting landscapes (orange) that occur in your town or region, as determined in the NH Wildlife Action Plan.

There are several options for obtaining the wildlife maps:

Download your community's wildlife maps (Habitats Land Cover and Highest Ranked habitats) from NH Fish and Game's web site. These small scale maps are available in two sizes (8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17) and in two formats (PDF files or jpeg images).

GRANITView Mapper - Use this free and user-friendly mapping tool, designed for use by people with no previous mapping skills, to create 8.5 x 11 size wildlife maps and other NRI maps. You can switch habitat layers on and off and add other natural resources data layers available on the Mapper.

GRANIT - This is New Hampshire's on-line GIS clearinghouse for GIS users to obtain the wildlife data to create the maps at any scale (up to poster size).

Large scale (poster size) maps can be obtained through a GIS provider or your Regional Planning Commission. There is usually a cost to produce the poster size maps for a community.

2. How to Use the Wildlife Maps

It is important to note that the maps for each community shows the habitats in adjacent communities as well. Wildlife habitats do not stop at municipal boundaries! It is helpful to see habitats that span two or more towns - these may present opportunities for cross-town collaboration to protect and connect habitats, especially where there are large unfragmented blocks of habitat that may be joint priorities for protection.

Learn how you can use the Wildlife Habitats Land Cover Map

Learn how you can use the Highest Ranked Habitats Map