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Natural Resources Inventories

The Wildlife section of a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) provides an opportunity to focus on important wildlife habitats and the associated species. The NRI identifies and describes important naturally-occurring resources in an area, provides the basis for land conservation planning, allows natural resources information to be included in local planning and zoning, and provides communities with a strong foundation for informed decision-making. The NH Wildlife Action Plan is a valuable source of information about wildlife and habitats that can be easily incorporated into an NRI.

At the minimum, a community should have the set of Basic NRI maps. The Table of Basic NRI Maps provides a details of these maps and their data requirements. Take a look at the Sample set of Basic NRI Maps and the Sample NRI Outline for a review of the sections in a Natural Resources Inventory.

The steps outlined below can help you incorporate currrent
wildlife research and data into your NRI:

  1. Obtain and Review Wildlife Maps
  2. Collect Wildlife Data and Information
  3. Write the Wildlife Section of the NRI

Need help conducting your NRI? Take a look at the list of natural resources consultants