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Somersworth Natural Resources Assessment 2016

The foundation of the Somersworth Natural Resources Assessment (NRA) is a map-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) inventory of the City’s existing natural resources. Six primary natural resource maps were developed to display and analyze topography, agricultural resources, water resources, conservation and unfragmented lands, habitats identified in the NH Wildlife Action Plan (WAP), and the highest ranked habitat areas identified in the WAP. A build-out analysis was conducted to map and identify areas of the City where potential future development may occur. The final step of this NRA was the creation of a co-occurrence map that identifies the presence of multiple key natural resources. A brief analysis of each of these maps is included in this document. A large 36x36” map set was developed as part of this NRA.

The Natural Resources Assessment was developed through an iterative process. The Conservation Commission and City staff were highly involved in this process and reviewed and refined the maps, analysis, and recommendations. Refer to the Appendix for a description of the data inputs and methodology for the build-out and co-occurrence mapping.