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NHACC 48th Annual Meeting and Conference

Don’t miss the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissions (NHACC) 47th Annual Meeting and Conference, featuring keynote speaker, Professor Richard Primack, Boston University presenting The Effects of Climate Change on the Plants and Animals of Thoreau’s Concord. The event will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2017 from 8 am to 3:30 pm. 

NHACC will present several workshops with a wildlife theme this year. Siting Trails with Wildlife in Mind, presented by Rachel Stevens Stewardship Coordinator with NH Fish & Game Department, will focus on a new tool to help locate wildlife. Funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the NH Fish & Game Department has developed a statewide tool that can be used to locate new trails in a way that minimizes impacts to wildlife and also minimizes the need for ongoing maintenance. Join this session to learn how this new tool can be used to assess existing trails for potential impact on wildlife and to identify locations for on-the-ground best management practices that minimize trail maintenance.

Pat Tate from NH Fish and Game Department will present, Beavers in NH: An Ecosystem Engineer and at Times a Problematic Species. This workshop will cover the biology of beaver and the importance of the species, how New Hampshire Fish & Game manages and monitors the beaver population, and methods of altering water levels in wetland systems where beaver activity and human activity conflict.

Coyote Encounters and Minimizing Impact will be presented by Chris Schadler, from The Coyote Project. The workshop will address how we can’t manage a landscape to minimize coyotes since they can live anywhere, den anywhere and eat anything and everything. When we hunt them, they increase their litter size and become more plentiful. Since they aren’t going away, our ‘choice’ is to learn to live with them. Understanding coyotes means appreciating their role in the ecosystem and ensures our safety in NH’s wilds.

Join NHACC for a day of learning, networking and fun with fellow conservation commission members. Additional workshop topics include the fundamentals of conservation commissions as well as more advanced sessions on wetland protection and land management. Don’t miss this educational networking opportunity to learn from both peers and professionals. The NHACC Annual Meeting and Conference is the only State-wide conference dedicated to municipal conservation commission members. 

Sign up before October 19th to get the early bird rate of $60 for members and $70 for non-members.

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--- Barbara Richter, NH Association of Conservation Commissions
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