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New Taking Action for Wildlife Website!

The Taking Action for Wildlife team is pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website! The site is designed to help communities, conservation groups, and landowners easily find the information they need to work towards conserving wildlife and habitats in New Hampshire. You'll find an easy-to-navigate menu and many new resources to help you get involved in efforts to protect, restore and learn about wildlife.

Check out some of what's new:

Conservation Groups

We'd love to hear your feedback - what do you like about the new website? Do you have suggestions for additional information or website improvements to help you access the information you need?
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Wondering what communities can do to incorporate wildlife into their town documents and natural resources activities? We have provided many of the tools and resources you need in one location, on the Taking Action for Wildlife Website. 

To get started, open the Communities menu tab. Get an overview of how you can incorporate wildlife into town documents. Explore some of the actions you can take - natural resources inventories, conservation planning, land conservation, local regulations, managing wildlife habitat and public education and outreach. For each of these actions, we guide you through the steps you need to take to work towards accomplishing your goals. The Commonly Used Resources tab gives you quick and access to the resources most commonly used by communities and conservation groups when starting to implement actions. These resources are also referenced in the individual actions.

Throughout the Communities web pages, you will find links that will take you to other parts of the Taking Action for Wildlife Website, as well as to other sites, such as NH Fish and Game's Wildlife Action Plan web pages and UNH Cooperative Extension's Wildlife web pages. Take a tour, find your way around and get inspired by stories about what other communities have done to take action for wildlife.

Conservation Groups

New Hampshire Land trusts and other conservation groups are committed to conserving our state's natural resources. Through the resources on our new website, we hope to assist conservation groups in taking wildlife into account, whether as part of their conservation planning process or in learning to develop a Natural Resource Inventory for lands they own or within focus areas to help identify conservation priorities.

Conservation groups who own land can learn about creating and managing grassland, shrubland and riparian habitats in the Making Habitat Happen section of the website. They can also read about other conservation groups taking action for wildlife by reading one of several inspiring stories of other conservation groups taking action for wildlife.


Interested in managing shrubland habitat on your property but not sure where to start? Wanting to learn how to keep track of wildlife on your property? Curious about what it means to conserve your land? Want to build a trail on your property and looking for resources? You can find answers to all these questions and many more on the Landowner section of the new Taking Action for Wildlife website.

Landowners will find information on Making Habitat Happen, which covers details on how to create and manage grassland, shrubland and riparian habitats. They will also find links to detailed information about the wildlife species and habitats of New Hampshire, as well as ideas on how to inventory and monitor wildlife on their land. There is also a Landowner Library which links to a variety of additional resources on topics ranging from forest management to invasive plants. Landowners will also be inspired by reading stories of other landowners who have taken action for wildlife on their land.