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Land Conservation Plan for NH's Coastal Watersheds

The Land Conservation Plan for New Hampshire's Coastal Watersheds, published in 2006, was one of the first studies to draw on information and data from the 2005 NH Wildlife Action Plan. The Coastal Conservation Plan prioritizes coastal watershed areas and offers regional strategies for maintaining diverse wildlife habitat, abundant wetlands, clean water, productive forests, and outstanding recreational opportunities. Four principle resource analyses and maps were developed that captured key natural resource features. The resource maps reflect the best remaining opportunities to conserve Forest Ecosystems, Freshwater Systems, Irreplaceable Coastal and Estuarine Resources and Critical Plant and Wildlife Habitat. From this wealth of natural resources data, 75 Conservation Focus Areas were identified. These areas were considered to be of exceptional significance for the protection of living resources (such as wildlife) and water quality in NH's coastal watersheds. The Coastal Conservation Plan was a collaborative effort between The Nature Conservancy, Society for the Protection of NH Forests, and Rockingham and Strafford Regional Planning Commissions. The study was funded by the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (previously NH Estuaries Project) and the NH DES Coastal Program.